Outward Hound Treat Tumbler Large


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LEVEL 1 CHALLENGE: Level 1 dog games are perfect for introducing your dog to dog games and puzzles. This Level 1 Small Treat Tumble works as a way to perk your pup’s interest in puzzles and prepare them for the more challenging games to come.

TREAT DISPENSING FUN: The Nina Ottosson Large Treat Tumble is perfect for treating and training your dog. Just fill this treat feeding ball with your dog’s favorite treats and/or kibble and give the ball to your dog to watch them play with the puzzle and figure out how to release the treats.

EXERCISE FOR MIND AND BODY: Dog games and dog puzzles by Nina Ottosson challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills while enhancing your dog’s mental stimulation through fun and play.

Product Dimensions:
5.75"L x 6.25"W x 8"H


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