Himalayan Click-N-Lix Set Picnic Chick’n


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click.n.lix is a multi-functional training and treat device conveniently packed into one handheld tool. Use the clicker to mold or modify behaviors and reward with this low calorie, scent-based treat, located at the end of the device. It’s 40 licks for just one calorie of the no-mess treat. All the pieces of the click.n.lix; treat, clicker and poo bag dispenser are moveable and removeable for convenience for you to make the right configuration for your training needs.

Key Benefits

3 in 1 movable and removable, training device

Great for trainers, groomers, handlers and all dog lovers

Delicious scent-based training treats

Easy to use and no mess

40 treat licks equal 1 calorie

Pea syrup
Pea starch
chicken powder
chicken flavor
sweet potato flavor
citric acid
sodium benzoate
potassium sorbate


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