About Ligonier Paws on Main

Meet the Team!


HI! My name is Angel, I am the owner of Paws On Main.  

As a Stay at Home Mom for the past 25 years, I had the time to raise my three children and discover what I wanted to be when I grew up. A Cruise Director….HAHA I mean we all could wish, right?   It did include four of my favorite things. Ocean, travel, boats and overseeing the entertainment and other activities on board. But….reality set in & I had to bring my head out of the clouds. I would miss my pets.  

Then I was approached about this storefront in Ligonier on Main Street. The day I first walked onto the porch and into the store, I immediately saw my vision, because of my past experience.   See, my story started 40 years ago when I had my own small business in high school on our Texas farm. To this day, that experience stuck with me. Always having to care for animals, business, entertaining and the mindset to make a difference and give back. It made the decision to open Paws on Main Street, easy. 

I wanted something different, unique and out of the box fun.  I wanted to be the candy store on the corner, but for “pets”. I offer a bakery (barkery) with seasonal, healthy and fun treats for dogs and cats.  A boutique with the quality, selective products for our beloved furry friends while providing EXCEPTIONAL customer satisfaction.  I invite you to feel the ultimate shopping experience for pets and their owners. I strive to make Paws fun and positive especially through our events and visiting us. Paws will always promote the bond between people and their pets, through fashion, food, and fun.  

I have big plans for Paws and look forward to sharing the experience with you every step of the way.    

Hope to see you soon!


Audrianne Speidel, Assistant Store Lady at Paws, is a recent graduate 0f LVHS and WCCC with an Associate of Arts degree through LVHS’ College Now program.  

Audrianne, is a singer, dancer, and actress with Sharon’s School of Dance (Indiana), American Tap Company, and Broadway Artists Alliance of NYC.  She also studies with the Institute for American Musical Theatre in NYC, where will be continuing her education and training this fall!

She loves animals, performing, reading, helping others, and being involved throughout the community.


With Aspen, presentation is everything.  This is just one of the qualities that make her a priceless asset to the team.  As the Barkey Operations Manager, Aspen often finds it necessary for all of us here at Paws to provide good reasoning for any requests made to her. In order to ensure the right decision is being made, she is diligent with weighing the risks and rewards of every situation.

She won’t just come to you, sit or stay without good reason. Aspen holds all of us to a very high standard. Be confident in knowing that with Aspen as our top taste tester, if it doesn’t meet her approval it doesn’t make the cut to the barkery floor.


As the only boy and the most loveable team member, we knew Duke would be perfect for a position in our Human Resources Department. Not only does he have great interpersonal skills, but he is also always going above and beyond what is asked of him. For example, his compassion for others is vital to job satisfaction and work-related motivation.

Greetings and belly rubs are essential to Duke.  He is an invaluable part of the day to day operations and has made our Paws team complete.


As the oldest (16 years young) and the most vocal team member, we knew Ms. Sandy would be perfect for the position for our Quality Control Manager. She is our happiest team member who is always close, like, behind your feet close…allowing her to excel in her position. Not one treat over the expected bag capacity will leave the Barkery on her watch. Ms. Sandy also puts the Paws team’s safety and well-being first by making sure the floors are clean of pesky cookie debris.

Always in a good mood, Ms. Sandy reminds us on a daily basis that taking a break is important and that we should always find time for naps.